Eternal Ambitions


24 Eleint 1384 D.R.
Year of Three Streams Blooded

Exiting Gulaol’s chamber, the characters found themselves under a sudden barrage of tiny projectiles. Across the chasm, several cultists now had blowguns, and the needles whizzed through the air all around.

Amidst the cultists stood a mage, chanting and pointing her outstretched fingers at the party. Diving for cover, the characters narrowly avoided being pummeled by thousands of tiny flaming spheres that pounded the floor and walls where they had just stood.

Rummy quickly nocked an arrow and sent it streaking toward the mage, who let out a blood-curdling shriek and fell backward as the arrow ripped through her arm. The party took the opportunity to beat a hasty exit, and dove into the other hallway, needles lodging in their clothing and cloaks.

The hallway sloped down and away to the left, and the party followed it until it opened to a dock over the underground river. Boarding two rowboats, the party set off down the river, dodging projectiles from the angry cultists.

Soon, the sounds of the cultists dwindled behind them, but the relief was short-lived. The river ran directly under the latrine room on the first level of the complex, and the boats were slathered in urine and feces.

Stinking, slimy, and nauseous, the party rode the current until it dumped them into the east end of Lake Weng, where they destroyed the boats and made their way to the Keczulla-Ambroth road.



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