Eternal Ambitions

Looting Gulaol's Chamber

24 Eleint 1384 D.R.
Year of Three Streams Blooded

With a horde of cultists across the chasm hurling nothing more painful than insults, the party regrouped and assessed their situation. Rummy fired off a couple of arrows to keep the cultists behind cover, while Badrick hacked off the heads of the snake-men. With the three heads rolling around on the floor, Rummy took the opportunity to taunt the cultists by waving Gulaol’s head in the air, then tossing it, unceremoniously, into the river below. They bagged a pair of kerambit knives and a fanged whip from the snake-men, and a large golden ring from the hand of Gulaol.

Exploring the passage Gulaol and the snake-men had attacked them from, the party found Gulaol’s private chamber. Tonan called upon Tymora to aid him, and he charmed a writhing mass of snakes into clearing a path for Rummy to search the room.

Rummy discovered a locked chest, but it quickly opened to his picks. Inside, he discovered two ceremonial daggers, a pair of bracers wrapped in red linen cording with a Triad symbol burned into them, a small coffer with approximately 500 coins in it, and a platinum medallion with a crescent moon cradling a harp etched on one side, and an inscription on the other.

While Rummy pilfered the chest, Anders scooped a set of papers from a table, and discovered detailed maps of nearby cities, including Ambroth, as well as troop counts and shift breakdowns. He also found a missive from a High Priestess Shiruxis, addressed to Gulaol.



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