Eternal Ambitions

Tymora's hangover...

Tonan's Internal Dialogue

_Not sure what has happened to me, but my head is a bit foggy. I feel like I’ve been drinking Peat beer, and chasing it with cheap dwarven spirits.

Anyway, I’m growing tired of being pushed around. I’m not someone’s fecking step-kender, I’m a dwarf, by Tymora! But still, here I am, ruminating instead of taking action. Perhaps this is Tymora’s real punishment for me. To be trapped inside my own body, with no control of my own actions.

My memory, however, is somewhat intact, thank Her mercies. While I can’t be sure, because there are definitely some holes in my recollection, I seem to recall watching Rummy and Badrick bag some rather odd items while we were inside that snake-pit of a temple. Those, along with whatever other stuff they’ve surely got hidden away. Not sure what they do, but if one of them might restore me to my former self, I’d be mighty pleased.

Eh, who am I kidding? They don’t give a goblin’s arse for me. I’m just a horse-watcher by day, and a silent one, at that. At night? Who knows. I can’t seem to remember anything after the sun sets. I sure-as-hades hope they aren’t… No, not going to think along those paths. A dwarf has to have SOME self-respect, after all.

Oh well. If I don’t find my way out of this brain-fog on my own, I suppose I’ll never know what all those bagged goodies do._

Tonan’s subconscious mind



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