Anders Vollan

Swashbuckling Paladin


Basics: Age 37, Height 5’11", Weight 185 lbs
Weapons: Rapier, Main-gauche
Armor/Clothing: Chainmail, Helmet with a long red feather attached at the top, Sea blue cape with silver lining and the symbol of Impultur— 3 interlocking rings representing The Triad, attached with a silver brooch shaped like a gauntlet facing up
Virtues: Fealty to government (Impultar + Lyrabar), and Valor
Gods: The Triad; The good-aligned deities Tyr, Torm, and Ilmater
Non-Weapon Proficiences: Reading/Writing, Etiquette, Gaming, Local History (home), Rope Use


Anders is overly optimistic, to a fault. Cleaner than your average sailor type, with long black hair and a smile that seems permanently held ear to ear. He holds an irregular security job escorting dignitaries sailing from all corners of The Sea of Fallen Stars. Versed in faking the etiquette of nobility, he has a disarming demeanor and a knowledge of local history. Much of the money he earns goes to feed his gambling “hobby”- What else is there to do when you’re stuck on a ship for days on end? While he hangs around scoundrels, he somehow manages the appearance of being distanced from them.

Often joins up with the Red Ravens while at port, to hone his fighting skills, and to kill time while waiting for the next job from his connection within the city government. And simply because he enjoys the thrill of battle. A bit of a show off, often endangering himself simply for the sake of executing a flashy move.

He was born across the Easting Reach in Telflamm, Thesk. His father was a devote follower of “The Broken God”, Illmater, and wanted Anders to join the priesthood. He was unduly strict and obsessed with the religion and its focus on suffering…Anders wanted to get as far away from this as he could. He joined the local militia and spent much of his spare time there, training and sparring. His dedication and ability, as well as some good fortune, allowed him to be recommended for some government jobs. Ones that involved traveling and sailing were of the most interest to him, and he did everything he could to be chosen for them. After a few successful trips across the Easting Reach, he began to spend more time in Lyrabar and has considered that as much his home as the sea, for the last 6 years.

Anders Vollan

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