badrick wright

warrior of two stars


Level 4 Fighter

Armor: Chainmail and medium shield, +1 shield ring lowers AC by one
Weapons: +1 Longsword, dagger, and two hand axes
Strength 17
Dexterity 13
Constitution 16
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 11
Charisma 8

Hit Points 38
AC 4
XP 9589 (1/30/15) old was 5287 (1/3/15) breakdown below
Saving throws: all throws are reduced by 1 due to runes on shield
Paralyze, poison, death 12
Rod, staff, wand 14
Petrify/polymorph 13
Breath weapon 15
Spells 15

Latest XP breakdown:
3123 + 312 for 10% bonus
607 + 60 for 10% bonus
200 for filling out survey
4302 total added to old total of 5287=9589 on 1/30/15


Badrick is from the crossroads town of Two Stars in northeast Thesk. He was forced to grow up at an early age, when he witnessed his father beat a Priest of Shaundakul to death outside the temple. The lustful priest had raped Badrick’s mother while he and his father were helping raise a barn for one of the other families in the village. Badrick was never the same, and for that matter, neither were his mother or father. Even though the killing was justified under the law, many in Two Stars shunned Badrick and his family because of what was done to the “Holy Man” of Shaundakal. When he was 16 years old, he began working at the only place that would hire him. He loaded wagons for a grain merchant in Two Stars. Badrick grew strong, and his family name kept him in plenty of fights. He grew quiet and solitary, spending most of his time working. The merchant saw that Badrick could handle himself, and one day he asked if Badrick would like to make a bit more coin riding along with the shipments as security. This pleased the young man, and soon he was issued his first sword and spending his days riding with more seasoned security men. They taught him to use sword, dagger, and to throw knives and hand axes. He also increased his skill in hand to hand combat. As he grew in age and stature, he surpassed most of the men that had trained him. With this, he thanked the merchant for all that he had shown him, and began to look for more challenging jobs all over Faerun. He never forgot the wrong done to his mother by the “priest” and has no use for religion. He has been a fighter and sell-sword for most of his life, but has never found a group in which he felt he belonged. His wanderings have taken him as far as Winterkeep on the Great Ice Sea and to Baldur’s Gate in the west. Always on the lookout for coin and adventure, Badrick has recently traveled to Lyrabar after hearing of steady work with the Red Ravens

badrick wright

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