Burgo the Barkeep

Owner of the Pixie and Dixie Tavern


Burgo is a likable sort, easily won over by a good story or a pretty lady. Not exactly the brightest torch on the wall, he still finds a way to keep his tavern marginally profitable. The Pixie and Dixie is the only remaining watering hole in Ambroth, and he spends his days toiling tirelessly to keep the townsfolk fed, entertained, and well-inebriated.


In 1378 DR, Burgo suffered an episode that has left him unable to speak, or even hold a quill without tremendous effort. His features sag on one side of his face, and he stares off into the distance for hours at a time. However, his memory seems to be intact, and he still makes the daily trek to the Pixie & Dixie Tavern to collect the previous day’s take from his son, Orik, and deposit it into the bank across the street.


Burgo the Barkeep

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