Harzinon the Three Faced Man

A traveling minstrel, now deceased


A traveling minstrel, mage, and rogue, who parlayed his talents into a side-show to make a few coins. Alternately performing as a bard, a mage, and a bumbling jester, Harzinon had discovered a way to triple his income, while minimizing overhead expenses.

Harzinon’s act became a bit of a staple in the town of Ambroth, where he performed three times a week, to the dismay of the townsfolk, who had heard every ballad and story he knew repeatedly.

Harzinon accompanied the party to Drestyn’s Manor to seek the true story of Drestyn’s demise. He was largely mistrusted by the party, though he tried at every turn to ingratiate himself to them. In the end, Harzinon met a brutal end while attempting to eradicate a potent evil relic. The relic was smashed by his actions, but the resulting explosion of magical energy pummeled Harzinon, reducing him to little more than a pulverized husk.


Harzinon the Three Faced Man

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