Lady Iselda De Vis

Widowed noblewoman, Mayor of Ambroth


Having arrived in Ambroth in the year 1376, Lady Iselda and her husband, Lord Carson De Vis, with their sons Asher and Christopher in-tow, sought to clear her great-uncle Drestyn’s name of the vulgar and vile rumors floating about the nation. Having exhausted all scholarly avenues of research and inquiry, they settled reluctantly upon simply restoring the late Lord’s manor to it’s former glory, and decided to remain in Ambroth permanently. Investing their wealth in local businesses and thus infusing the town with a level of commerce not seen since the fall of Lord Drestyn, the De Vis family was quickly and completely beloved by the townsfolk. In 1377, Lord Carson was named Mayor, but his term in office would be short, indeed.

Lady Iselda lost her husband in a tragic hunting accident in the early spring of 1378. If the Lady was distraught, the townsfolk were utterly bereft, having lost their Mayor and of a mind that the Lady would leave as soon as her period of mourning came to a close.

In a discreet, back-room election, the most influential leaders of the community, including members of the clergy, the merchants guild, the mage’s guild and the town militia, unanimously voted to name Lady Iselda their Mayor-for-life, if she would but stay.

Lady Iselda never harbored a single thought of leaving, however, and when the townsfolk surprised her, three weeks after her husband’s passing, with an election festival in her honor, she wept openly. “The mantle of leadership is not what I came here, for,” she told them, as she tried to point out other well-suited candidates for the position. “I wish only to raise my sons in their father’s image, and grow old in the city we have all rejuvenated together.”

The townsfolk would have none of it, however, and insisted, through a pointed lack-of-interest by anyone else, that Lady Iselda assume the role of Mayor.

Lady Iselda De Vis assumed the office of Mayor in the fall of 1378 DR, but relies heavily upon those who thrust her into power to help her make critical decisions. In the end, though, the burden of leadership is squarely upon her shoulders, and the townsfolk look to her for guidance as the city grows and becomes more prosperous.


Lady Iselda De Vis

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