Liam Roummos

An aged wizard formerly of the Host Tower


Liam Roummos stands just under six feet tall, though he carries himself with a bit of a stoop and leans upon his staff on occasion, appearing a bit shorter. While he appears quite old, his mind is still sharp, and he radiates an air of competence one might not expect from someone of his advanced years. In truth, Liam is probably much older than he even appears, though he would never say just how old. Liam staves off the years with a Periapt of Graceful Aging that he never removes from a golden chain about his neck.

Formerly of the Host Tower of the Arcane in Luskan, Liam made his way south in 1356 DR, having grown tired of the constant in-fighting and backstabbing the ladder-of-success required in that institution. Taking only those items he had personally created (of which there were quite a few) and a few of those he had personally recovered through no small risk to himself (of which there were a couple), Liam left on good terms, eager to find a place to settle and live out his remaining years in peace and quiet.

His wanderings took him to Ambroth, in the nation of Amn, where he stayed for a couple of weeks while getting to know its citizens and learning to value its quiet, laid-back atmosphere. Very quickly, he came to realize this area, with its scarlet-tinged meadows of clover as a backdrop, would be an ideal locale for his retirement, and he set about looking for a place to build his own home.

Liam now lives with his nearly invisible canine, Rufus, in a large cottage (which he built himself, between the powers of his spellcasting and no small portions of blood and sweat) in the forest near the Drestyn Manor, outside Ambroth. Here, he tends his impressive gardens and studies alchemy and herbalism, while keeping an astute (if surreptitious) eye and ear on the goings on in the major cities of Amn. The information he gathers is more for his private knowledge and to fulfill a slightly perverted voyeuristic tendency, as he very rarely acts upon takes advantage of anything he learns.

Liam is content to allow the outside world to do as it will, so long as it doesn’t intrude on his idyllic piece of land or interfere with his studies. If the outside world deigns to stick it’s nose in his business, however, he will protect his way of life with his powerful magic, and a few nasty tricks he’s kept up his sleeve.


Liam Roummos

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