Lord Carson De Vis

The deceased husband of Lady Iselda De Vis


Lord Carson De Vis, although of noble lineage, gave little care for the trappings of court, and, instead, spent his time pursuing his future wife, the Lady Iselda. Not particularly talented in the ways of politics, Lord Carson often found himself at odds with his peers in the city of Suzail due to his abrupt and honest ways. Not one to stroke egos or trade favors for his own gain, Lord Carson found the political life impossible to stomach, and, when his bride expressed a deep desire to investigate the rumors surrounding her great-uncle’s demise, he readily packed their belongings and headed for Ambroth.

A wealthy nobleman, Carson brought a flood of coin into the flailing local economy, and through savvy investments and a few minor family connections, was able to secure profitable trading partnerships with nearby cities. If he’d had less scruples, he could probably have secured even more lucrative deals with some of the more shady trader’s guilds, but his ethics forbade such underhanded dealings, and he slept well at night, knowing the village was not being duped or taken advantage of.

Lord Carson spent every spare moment playing with his sons, Asher and Christopher, teaching Asher the ways of the sword and hunting bow, and regaling Christopher with tales of daring knights and fabled dragons. When his sons were too tired to continue, he doted on his wife, and was well-known to spend large amounts of coin on rare gifts for her, at seemingly random times.

With the village prospering, and it’s prosperity due in large part to the De Vis family, the townsfolk insisted Lord Carson assume the role of Mayor, an office they had not deemed necessary for more than ten years. Thus, Lord Carson once again found himself embroiled in politics, though he found the goings-on of Ambroth much more suitable to his temperament, so he was not overly upset.

The village quickly became a bustling town, and Lord Carson oversaw the erection of a stout curtain wall and defensive perimeter to protect against recent and ongoing kobold attacks. He also established a standing militia, and hired skilled men-at-arms to train the force.

The Year of the Cauldron, 1378 D.R., dawned promisingly on Ambroth. Trade was growing at a staggering rate, and an influx of skilled workers were making the fledgling town their home. However, in the first months of summer, calamity befell her when Lord Carson, enjoying one of his many hunting trips of late, was felled by a massive black bear while stalking deer. His body was recovered and brought back to town, though his casket was kept closed for the interment. He lays at rest in a burial plot inside the De Vis compound, and his widow spends much of her time sitting with him, speaking to his ghost and regaling him with stories of their sons.


Lord Carson De Vis

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