Lord Drestyn

A deceased adventurer, whose manor fell into evil hands


Lord Drestyn is a formerly successful adventurer whose wealth afforded him a sprawling parcel of land and a massive mansion near Ambroth. Drestyn regularly threw parties and banquets for the townsfolk and nearby nobles, and was a very popular bachelor at the time. However, dark forces soon aligned against him, and he was betrayed by his own servants, whose ranks had been infiltrated by a nearby cult. Working quietly to sabotage his gatherings, they disrupted his feasts with spoiled food, stolen purses, bad entertainment and the like. Soon, guests began declining further invitations, and the gatherings ceased entirely.

But, this wasn’t enough for the cult. They decided to spread rumors of Lord Drestyn’s dealings with evil creatures and the curses he would bring. As the rumors spread, Lord Drestyn became extremely paranoid and locked himself away in his manor. The townsfolk wanted nothing to do with him, and even his closest companions stopped visiting. All the while, he was trying to understand how his philanthropy had been so distorted.

For their last strike on Lord Drestyn, the servants poisoned his meal, and then looted his mansion, taking everything of value they could find. Lord Drestyn survived the poison, and just before they left, he attacked them. He had defeated most of the evil servants before a robed cultist arrived. Wielding a jade snake-headed scepter, the priest placed a strong curse upon Lord Drestyn, causing him to see snakes everywhere. Unable to escape the nonexistent serpents, Drestyn fled to the top floor of the tower, where he stumbled over the battlements and fell to his death.

The cult finished looting the manor, and left behind a number of undead to guard it, in the hopes of keeping curious adventurers and townsfolk from nosing around too close to their territory.


Lord Drestyn

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