Rummy Fourcoins

Bandit drunkard.


Gaunt, battered and relentlessly drunk, Rummy has stumbled through his last 25 years and has no intention of stopping now. A haggard and slimy looking individual, whose only saving grace seems to be his ability to talk his way into or out of almost any situation.

Rummy has come to possess a jade, serpentine bracer that wraps from his right wrist nearly to his elbow. This piece of jade was once a wand belonging to an evil priest of the Cult of the Asp, and through it’s power a curse was laid upon Lord Drestyn. This curse caused him to flee in terror, seeing a writhing mass of snakes pursuing him, ultimately pitching himself off the parapets of the Manor’s tower in his panic. Most recently, the wand was the instrument by which the Cult kept Lord Drestyn’s spirit tied to the Manor, and unable to depart the prime material plane for the afterlife. When the wand came to life in Rummy’s hand, and subsequently bit him, Rummy returned the favor in kind, sinking his own teeth into the snake and ripping it’s head off. The snake instantly reverted to it’s jade form, while still wrapped around Rummy’s forearm, where it remains today.

Rummy discovered a magical silver ring with a nine-faceted gem inside a hidden compartment in Lord Drestyn’s Manor. One facet of the gem is jet black, while the other facets are crystal clear.


Rummy married at the age of 18 to his childhood sweetheart.
A fisherman by trade, Bastult (Rummy) Returned home one night to find his beloved in the arms of another. In a rage he slaughtered both of them with his fillet knife.
Rummy was sentenced to 30 years of hard labor, and sent to the salt mines of Krakendall. During a cave in Rummy was able to escape and has been on the run ever since. Most of his years have been clouded by smoke, drink and the unrelenting pursuit of others coin. A highwayman for longer than he cares to remember, Rummy has decided that the life of a mercenary is much more honorable than that of a common thug,

Rummy Fourcoins

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