Shiruxis Missive


This latest shipment of gold, from the coffers of Ambroth herself, should be more than enough to fund your expansion and infiltration of that upstart village. When you’ve established a firm hold (and not prior – We cannot afford to lose Our contact inside her walls!) proceed with Lady Iselda just as your predecessor did with the meddling Drestyn.

I expect results within the year, Gulaol. I have funded your temple for long enough without profits from your region, and unless I see progress soon, I will be forced to send someone more… suitable… to take your place. Our plans are moving ahead swiftly in the other cities of Amn; I fail to understand what is taking so long in a back-water hamlet such as Ambroth.

Of course, if you deliver Ambroth into Our grasp, then your place among the Order is assured, and I will summon you home to Chult, to join Us at Our table and to feast upon the spoils of Our labors as a full Abomination.

The failures of your predecessor have set the stage for your ascension, Gulaol. Do not fail the Goddess.

High Priestess Shiruxis
She of the Many Fangs
1384 D.R. Year of Three Streams Blooded
The Serpent’s Rise

Shiruxis Missive

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