Eternal Ambitions

Serpentine copulation... what next?!?!

24 Eleint 1384 D.R.
Year of Three Streams Blooded

Exploring the passages leaving the robe room, the party discovered they both curved downward into the same chamber: an ornately carved stone antechamber lit by braziers and echoing with a dull roar emanating from behind a set of massive double doors on the eastern wall. Two other doors exited the chamber, on the north and south walls, respectively.

While the shadows of serpents danced all around them, the party crept toward the door in the southern wall and cautiously peered inside. A vast chamber opened before them, busy with dozens of tattooed men and women wielding pickaxes and shovels. A pair of robed figures stood nearby, poring over diagrams laid out on a stone table. Erring on the side of caution, the party quietly stole from the room and closed the door, hoping nobody inside the room had noticed them.

Crossing the room, they checked the northern door next. It opened into a hallway that split at the end, heading east and west. Behind a door at the end of the western branch, the party found a large room with thousands of snakes covering the floor, writhing around and over one another. Anders suggested that Tonan pray to Tymora, and through her divine powers, the mass of serpents was pushed against the far wall. While the nest pulsated against the far wall, the party looted a chest against the northern wall and found a massive set of upper-body field plate armor, of which they bagged as much as possible. Underneath the armor lay a coiled whip, festooned with nasty barbs along its length, and the party took this, as well.

Exiting the room, the party closed the door and approached the other door. Behind it, they found a similar room, though the serpents in this room were far larger, and engaged in a frenzied orgy, rolling and undulating across the floor from one end of the room to the other.

Anders darted into the room and grabbed a handful of papers off a desk, and froze in fear as the mass of copulating scales brushed against his legs. The party held their breath, and the snakes moved on, rolling toward the far wall. Anders darted back out of the room, relieved to have survived the encounter. Looking at the sheaf of parchment in his hands, however, he discovered he had risked his life for a pile of serpentine hymns and sermons.

Rummy and Badrick, meanwhile, had spotted a small chest near the table, and made their move. While Badrick held Liam’s Handy Haversack open, Rummy scooped the chest from the floor and stuffed it inside. They both exited the room just as the mass of snakes rolled their way again, and they shut the door.

Growing tired, the party considered barricading the doors and resting in the hallway, but thought better of it. How big could the temple be, after all? And with so many cultists nearby, would their luck hold out and allow them to rest? They pressed on, eager to finish their mission and get away from the sinister cult.

With just one avenue unexplored, the party warily made their way to the double doors in the antechamber. With a mighty pull, Rummy dragged the doors open, revealing a wide, dark chamber that ended in a heavy, elaborately embroidered curtain hanging across its width, blocking from view the chamber beyond.



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